Your Dream Starts Today!

I had a dozen different titles for this article.  Regardless of what I call it, my point is still the same.  Never stop saying, “I’m starting today, right now!”

I’ve heard so many motivational speakers talk about your “why,” which is the driving force behind fulfilling your dreams.  If it’s too weak, you won’t do what it takes.  

The Bible talks about, “Finishing being better than starting (Ecclesiastes 7:8).”  Very true.

This article is about STARTING!  If you never start anything, your “why” is irrelevant, and “finishing” is impossible.  

Starting begins with YOU saying, “TODAY IS THE DAY,” and then you have to go for it.  

But, you never know when THAT DAY really is.  If you don’t keep starting, THAT DAY will never come.      

Here are few personal examples, so you get what I’m talking about.

I was 80lbs overweight weight from the age of 35-45.  I’ve had a garage full of gym equipment (I periodically used) for my entire adult life.  A couple times two a**hole neighbors laughed in my face, “Why do you have all this gym equipment?  Hahahaha!”  One of these guys was fatter than I was!  And he’s laughing at me?

Back to the story, 4-5 times a year for 10 years, I told a few people “today is the day!  I’m starting my diet, working out, and I’m finally going to lose at least 50 lbs.”  Over and over, I started, did it for a few weeks and then quit.  

But guess what?  Eventually, there was a last time I said I was going to lose 50lbs.  THAT WAS THE DAY!  After 10 years, that was the day the weight loss journey finally began.  I didn’t give up this time.  I lost the 50lbs in 9 months, and still kept it off to this day.  

In my 20s, I said I was going to quit smoking 100 times.  I even quit for a week, 20 times.  Well, I haven’t smoked in 25 years.  One of the 100 times I said I was going to do it, the journey started that day.              

I’ve created many successful businesses, video courses, books, Bible study programs, diet programs, and workouts.  I don’t think any of them went from start to finish.  This is common, so don’t get discouraged when this happens to you.  Some were an idea in my head for several years, while others were start, quit, and then restart.  But one day something finally clicked for each project, and I was able to complete them all.  “I never stopped starting.”

Disclaimer - Now, if anyone says 100+ times they are going to do something, that does not mean they ever will.  It could just be talk for an entire lifetime.

You have to make a HUGE effort to break through the desire to quit, be willing to make sacrifices, and do whatever it takes.

But, if you quit after one failure or stop saying, “TODAY IS THE DAY,” then nothing ever happens.  Failure IS 100% guaranteed.  

“No one can guarantee success, but we can all guarantee failure.  Just say nothing, and do nothing.”  Pat Kennedy

Note - I actually saw that a**hole neighbor who laughed at me and my home gym, 15 years later.  He could barely walk.  We just looked at each other, neither saying a word.  I didn’t need to.  And he definitely wasn’t going to congratulate me.  People like that never do.  But that’s fine.  You don’t need anyone’s compliments or approval to succeed.

Regardless of what anyone says to you (or refuses to say), it has no bearing on your life.  It’s all irrelevant babble.  They can’t stop your destiny.  

You have to either ignore the naysayers or use their words as fuel to achieve your goals.  I was someone who did the latter.

Get back on your dream!  Get that idea started!  Start it up THIS WEEK and keep starting until you achieve your goal!

“You never know when THAT DAY really is.  Just keep starting.”

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