Start A Zoom DJ Business

I saw this idea play out in the real world, and it worked very well.  

A husband and wife team on the live streaming app Periscope, were doing their show  “The Brumfield Lounge.”  It was shot from their kitchen, and was basically a club/party with music, lights, and dancing.  

But their concept wasn’t just some nerd running a music playlist.  If that was the case, you could do better yourself.

I viewed a birthday party bash they hosted.   It included a dozen assorted mylar birthday balloons in the background, they dressed to impress, and it was all about the birthday girl.  They occasionally mentioned her name, did birthday toasts, and encouraged dancing.  They brought a high energy fun party right to her living room.           

On the client’s end, they have a live DJ party wherever they put their TV.  Just submit your music play list a week in advance and the Brumfield’s will do the rest.

Note - This business works because the hosts make it work.  If you want to start this yourself, I highly recommend you look them up and see how they do it.  Their style might not mesh with yours, but there’s no doubt the party feel, interaction and fun they provide is a “must  do”.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to use zoom.  Always use a live stream service that is compatible with the client’s setup.

Good -  I was leaning towards “great” but no one knows what this is.  It’s too new.  Get people to your website and show them videos of what this new concept is all about.  

The plus side, many DJs don’t know what this is either.  That means the pie has barely been cut.  

Good -  The Brumfield’s started out slow but quickly moved up to a few gigs a month.  And this is with minimal free marketing.  What if you went all out with marketing?

I don’t know what they charge, but I will say 3 hours for $500 is a reasonable price for his service.  Provided you include all the bells and whistles.   

One thing to always remember, many businesses start out as part-time gigs.  This could be just a 20 hour a month extra revenue stream that allows you to stuff $1k in your back pocket.

Medium -  I put this in the middle.  If you’re already a DJ your investment could be $0.  If you have nothing, maybe $1,500.

- Ground floor opportunity.  Every BIG money business I ran was ground floor.  Most are.
- If you’re a highly social person, this isn’t even work.  This is free money to you!

- Getting the general public to understand what this all about.
- Talent is required.  You have to have a great personality, be highly interactive, and prepare a great show in advance.  Some can’t do this.  Or will start this biz, cut corners, and refuse to do what it takes to make it succeed.


I really hope the right person reads this.  If this is you, go for it!

And email me your success story!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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