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The difference between virtual classes and e-courses is virtual classes are live demonstrations, while e-courses are pre-recorded passive income videos.  The live aspect of virtual classes brings you more close and personal to your viewers.  Especially if you read comments and respond in real-time.  

A few ideas - a live cooking class, weight training, stationary cycling (like Peleton), a cardio workout, motivation group, music (create/mix/master), dance class, computer repair class, appliance repair class.  

News Break - While writing this book, I just saw a guy on the LA news who hosts a virtual cooking class.   You buy a membership and he sends you a box of spices, ingredients like rice and corn, and digital recipes.  You then watch his live virtual class and everyone cooks together.  On the news story, 25 people were shown on his zoom screen.  So, it is making money.  Brilliant idea!

Google the term “Bollywood Kitchen” and check him out.  Even if you’re not into cooking or virtual classes, check out the layout of his website, and the professional look of his cooking kits.  This is what I’m talking about when I mention making a big effort to excel in every area of your business.
Great -  Covid keeping people in the house for months opened the door for this semi-ground floor opportunity.  Now that many know what it’s all about, this biz is here to stay.

Average - This is another one of those businesses where someone reading this will do everything right and make a few $100k, while others will put in very little effort and make nothing.  

Whatever biz you decide to get into, always go all out.  Strive for perfection!  Give yourself a chance to succeed.  And if it doesn’t work out, try try again with something else.

Low -  A decent web camera and maybe a few miscellaneous items.  $250 out the door.

- It’s a fairly new ground floor opportunity.  That’s always where the big money is.
- Another fun easy biz, if you have an entertaining spirit.  A lot of people love to do this kind of stuff.
- Like any Internet business, your classes have worldwide access.  You’re not just limited to locals.
- Covid stay at home orders opened the door for this biz.  Run through it and make some money!

- On the flip side, a lot of people HATE being in front of the camera.  Especially if it’s live.  This might not be your cup of tea.
- Figuring out what you want to do that will actually make money.  You want to get into a market where a large slice of the pie is still available, but then again you want it to be something you’re knowledgeable in, or want to do.    


I saw dancer Debbie Allen on California local news.  Because of Covid restrictions, her dance studio was shut down most of 2020.  So, she went out on a limb and started an online virtual dance class.  Her very first class on Instagram brought in 35,000 viewers from all over the world.

She didn’t mention specifically how much cash is being made, but she charges only $5 for a single class, and $75 for a 24 class set (which is a great deal).  And the number of streams that can be sold are unlimited, to some extent.  All things considered, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s making $250k a year with this, after all expenses are paid.   

She offers 12 different styles of classes which includes ballet, latin fusion, hip hop, broadway, pilates, and zumba.   If you’d like to see her website, Google search - “Debbie Allen Dance Academy.”

Now, I understand Debbie Allen is a celebrity in the dance industry, and you’re probably not a celebrity in any industry.  But you can still make money if you’re good, and market yourself well.  

I know this guy who made and sold recording studio videos, but he never had any clients.  He just passed on what he learned working on his own songs in his mom’s basement.  He was very personable, friendly, thorough and professional.  He also produced a ton of free content.  That was enough for him to be able to stuff a million in both back pockets!   Note - He got in this industry when the pie was uncut for a few years.  When you have the whole pie to yourself, that helps a lot.  

My main point, even an unknown with no credentials and a limited professional background can make a lot of money.  It happens every day to someone.  Why can’t it be you?

There are a lot of virtual class ideas that are ground floor, or close to it.  Now is the time in 2021 to stake your claim in this booming business, and make a name for yourself!

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